Battle Elk is a progressive space/stoner duo from rural Magnor, Norway. We call it spacegaze: Our songs all take place in a fictional world where warriors are mounted on elks and dragons terrorize the skies. We're inspired by old sci-fi and fantasy novels, adventure game soundtracks, loud guitars and Belgian beer. Battle Elk is Bjørn Marius Kristiansen and Espen Gunstensen.

Acclaim for Songs for Heroes:

"I personally love that shit! [...] This record is for the "drift away crowd". It's bluesy, progressive and mellow all at the same time. So grab yourself a cloud and tune into Battle Elk."

- Charlie Tooth at Stoner HiVe

"They’ve got a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, if BRMC’s vocalist was Hawkwind-era Lemmy, a moody, heavy drawl that lingers across the four tracks of their debut EP, […] shifting between robust vocals and strident minimalist playing and a more melodic, progressive folk, almost Americana, tune that feels as though it’s been recorded out in the wilderness with the wind howling around it."

- Ian Abrahams at Spacerock Reviews

"Stunning mix of Psych, Space Rock and Stoner though the band call their music Spacegaze. Whatever you call it, it's superb and trippy as hell."

Steve Howe at Outlaws of the Sun